1.Terms and Process of Thesis Proposal Submission

A thesis proposal is detail planning of master thesis submitted to the administration at the end of third semester (final task of Thesis Proposal Seminar course). The proposal should be written based on thesis guide. To submit a thesis proposal, students must have taken a minimum 38 credits with a minimum GPA of 3.00, enclose student id, enclose at least 1 certificate as presenter and 3 certificates as the participant of national/international conference either overseas or domestic conferences.

2.Process of Thesis Proposal Guidance

The process of thesis proposal is started from the selection of title, background, methodology, research instruments, etc. All of the proposal writing processes are given during the course of Thesis Proposal Seminar. The guidance is given by the lecturers during the course. The topic should refer to the lectures’ research interest such as 1).English Language Teaching (ELT), 2). Linguistics and ELT, 3). Literature and ELT, 4).Culture and ELT, and 5).Educational Technology/Instructional Technology and ELT.

3.Format of Thesis Proposal

The proposal format should be in accordance with type of research used: quantitative, qualitative, class room action research, research and development, and mixed research methods. Please look at the details in the Thesis Writing Guidelines in the following link; http://pascapbi.uad.ac.id/thesis-guidelines/